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The Department of Labor and Human Resources announced that all Puerto Rico employers need a written Exposure Control Plan to be established in their workplace. It also stated the minimum guidelines and requirements to develop and implement the contingency plan. Download the document HERE.

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We believe that fostering a safe, healthy workplace improves productivity, lowers costs and builds the bottom line. That's why public and private industries rely on us to deliver safety training solutions and consultation that produce results and drive business performance.

With convenient, customizable training delivery and management options, the industry's widest selection of EH&S Courses, and a leading team of experts, Safety Consultants and Associates makes a radical improvement on your workplace.

Our more than 15 years of expertise on the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations for the General Industry and Construction, make us capable to handle all of your inspection, assessment, training, and consulting needs.

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Our trainings are designed in compliance with the OSHA Regulations, and focused to satisfy our customer needs.

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We have a team of experts that will help you comply with all the safety requirements, saving you thousands of dollars in government citations, and penalties.

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The Safety Programs will be designed with the most recent safety standards, and customized for your company operations.

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